Georgia law shuts down Plaza Theater’s arcade games

Arcade games may not bring in tons of money, but they are still fun to play. Unless they are unplugged and “seized” because of vending law violations, which is what happened at the Plaza Theater in Atlanta Georgia, a non-profit arts charity. Because Jonathan Rej, owner of the Plaza, did not pay a $25 fee ($25 for each machine), the Georgia Department of Revenue went in and shut down the classic games.

Rej isn’t upset about the seizure (the games are still there, just unplayable), and says he didn’t even know about there being a fee. He just wanted to give the old arcade games a home, since nobody else seemed to want them. In case you were wondering why this is even a thing, turns out a nameless scrooge (who probably kicks puppies) tattled on the Plaza.

Busted! Plaza’s Ms. Pac-Man game seized by the state [Creative Loafing Atlanta via GamePolitics]

Victoria Medina