George Peppard is spinning in his grave; A-Team + GoW = e-gasms

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The year was 1983.

My parents were copulating like bunnies (leading to my eventual birth), Swatch was releasing their first watch (leading to one of the most idiotic fads since the formation of The Grateful Dead), and NBC was airing a new show about a group of renegade Vietnam vets-for-hire called The A-Team. This motley crew took the world by storm and after murdering thousands of terrorists and thugs with an unlikely combination of black vans, automatic weapons and a huge, mohawked, walking jewlery store who enjoyed throwing people throw walls, their run on domestic TV came to an end. The entire world mourned the loss of such a seminal piece of cinema, and to this day, you can spot children at recess smoking cigars and quipping: “I love it when a plan comes together.”

To celebrate America’s national fixation on a television show that hasn’t had a new episode in almost two decades, we bring you the above video. It’s a “mix” of footage from the murder-simulator-du-jour Gears of War and the A-Team theme song, and the two go together like crazy and Murdock.

(Editor’s Note: If you’re too young to remember The A-Team, feel free to gloss over the post, and instead read one of the billions of Final Fantasy-related posts we’ve put up recently. We don’t mind, but your father is weeping quietly in his bedroom. — Nex) 

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