Geometry Wars: Galaxies tidbit palooza

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Shapes are the worst things in the world, and every time I see one I just want to blast it into oblivion. I’ve always been thankful that Geometry Wars allowed me the chance to unleash a most hypnotic genocide upon neon versions of the scumbags. Once, I even got over 100,000 points … and then died soon after. Perhaps the Kuju developed Wii and DS versions of the title, collectively known as Geometry Wars: Galaxies, will yield better results. Either way, we have some new details on the game for you.

We already know about the single player campaign and can hazard a guess as to the terrifying scenarios that the remote and nunchuck control style shall deliver, but now a few tidbits have arisen, bringing some more information to light. Firstly, as well as the new campaign, you’ll be getting the Xbox Live Arcade version, Retro Evolved, should you have missed out on XBLA’s most popular game. Second, and more importantly, there’ll be an online scoreboard. It’s not spectacular, but it’s another game that does something with the Wii’s barely useful Wi-Fi connection.

You’ll also be getting multiplayer co-op for your money, though naturally this doesn’t look like it’s going to be online as of this story, because that’s just how Nintendo rolls – insanely. You will, however, be able to link the DS and Wii versions together to unlock sewper dewper bonuses. That of course, is far superior to an online co-op mode. Maybe we’ll still get it before this hits store shelves in the fall. It’d very suddenly justify paying out cash for a new version of the game.

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