Genyo Takeda, creator of Punch-Out!!, retires from Nintendo

Thank you for the hard work

Veteran hardware developer Genyo Takeda, one of the longest tenured employees of Nintendo, has decided to retire after 45 years. The open position will be filled by Ko Shiota. On top of developing consoles like the Wii, Takeda created hit games Punch-Out!! and StarTropics.

Following the passing of Satoru Iwata, Takeda’s name was in the hat along with Shigeru Miyamoto to become to next president of Nintendo. Perhaps not a household name like Shigeru Miyamoto or Satoru Iwata, Genyo Takeda is very much a pillar of Nintendo whose hard work and brilliance should not be ignored.

Notice Regarding Retirement of a Representative Director and Management Changes [Nintendo]

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