Genesis/Mega Drive games are being added to Jurassic Park Classic Games Collection

Presumably, they spared no expense.

Jurassic Park Genesis

Limited Run Games has announced that 1993’s Jurassic Park and 1994’s Rampage Edition are being added to the Jurassic Park Classic Games Collection.

Many were disappointed when the included titles were revealed for the Classic Games Collection, and they excluded the Genesis titles. Instead, the announced titles are the Game Boy, NES, and SNES versions, as well as the SNES and Game Boy versions of Jurassic Park Part 2. Considering most of those titles are not very good, it’s kind of understandable.

The Genesis versions of the games were a lot more popular. Can you guess why? It’s because you could play as a velociraptor. If you were a child in the ‘90s, there was absolutely nothing cooler than that. You could also play as Alan Grant, who has the unfortunate distinction of being neither a velociraptor nor Jeff Goldblum. The games were developed by BlueSky software, who later went on to make the Vectorman games.

Unfortunately, the Genesis Jurassic Park games aren’t that great either. Once you get over the admittedly awesome ability to control a raptor, you’re left with a rather clumsy action platformer with aggravating level design. Nonetheless, I think every game should be available on modern platforms. The addition of these two titles will add some appreciable value to the collection overall. Moreover, people who were fans of the Genesis titles and felt that the omission was a dealbreaker will probably be pleased.

Jurassic Park Classic Games Collection is coming to Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, and Switch. Preorders are open for the physical versions, but no release date has been announced.

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