Gen Con 2008 in Pictures

The last few days have been an awesome adventure for me. I am currently attending Gen Con 2008 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The show is being promoted as the “best four days of gaming,” with the focus being on boardgames and cardgames. Despite those two things being a little out of Destructoid’s style, I am happy to report that several prolific videogame publishers and developers have shown up at the event to demo their product and educate me. Some of the offerings that I got my hands on today include Sacred 2, Champions Online, Dungeons and Dragons Online (Mod 8), Warhammer Online, and King’s Bounty.

Several other games are being shown and expect to see much more information coming in the next few hours and days ahead. As a precursor to my coverage, I thought I would show all of you what happens when I get a showroom all to myself in the wee hours of the morning. Check out the gallery below to see some awesome poster ball-punching, cosplayers, and a preview of some of the booths present at the event.

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