Geeky gaming goods give you wood… goods

How many times have you found yourself cutting meat (or… celery, for the vegetarians out there) on a plain white cutting board while thinking that something was missing from your life? Me? All the time. And that missing thing is this Space Invaders cutting board.

LJer Capn Sideburns posts pictures of his hand-crafted Space Invaders wooden cutting boards. As one commenter on his post put it, “This is basically the greatest innovation ever in the history of food preparation.” No, the board’s wood won’t make your food taste better, but your kitchen will definitely look better. And who knows? Maybe some of that gamer pride will rub off onto your culinary abilities.

Capn Sideburns is also working on a Legend of Zelda Triforce cutting board. He hasn’t started yet  because he can’t decide if the triangles in the Triforce are equilateral or not. Hmm. I’ll take one when he finally figures it out.

Designer Fredrik Olsson created an amazing gamer chair he calls The Slacker. Olsson designed this low, streched out seat for the Stockholm Furniture Fair, where it was displayed and probably lusted over. He says, “The design mix the styles of Scandinavian crafted woodwork with videogames aestetics resembling an egyptian pharao throne.” I don’t know about all of that crap, but the detail work is outstanding.

While limited, both the cutting boards and this chair are available for the right price.

[Thanks to the lovely Tiff for the tips] 

Dale North