Geek documentaries surge at this year’s SXSW

It may be because the way was paved by last year’s excellent documentary The King of Kong or that nerd culture is just on the rise in general, but this year’s South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas yielded not one but three new videogame related documentaries, ranging in topic from MMO players to chiptunes.
The video above is from Nerdcore Rising, which follows nerdcore rapper MC Frontalot on his first US tour. Directed by Negin Farsad, the film rides along in the van with the goofiest crew you’re likely to meet when it comes to tthe business of rapping. Nerdcore, in case you’re wondering, doesn’t just refer to CTZ’s epic post series about mostly naked chicas — it’s also a word used to describe rap made by geeks, which reminds me a little bit of They Might Be Giants and makes me feel warm and fuzzy.
Also shown at the event were Second Skin and Blipfest: Reformat the Planet, the first about different sceneraios happening in the lives of MMORPG gamers and the second about the exploding chiptune scene. It’s interesting to see more focus on the lives of gamers, although I also find myself wondering if it doesn’t provide more fodder for the obsessive anti-game media to pick over. Too bad, either way– these are our lives and the rest of the world can take em or leave em.
[Via Ain’t it Cool – Thanks Jonathan!] 
Colette Bennett