Geek chic: Sir Bullet William

Now that Christmas has come and gone, most of you probably have a lot of cash to blow. In comes Geek Chic with some new shirts you can wear over your horrible torsos! Of all the shirts this week, my favorite is the Bullet William design created by Glen Brogan. Who knew Bullet Bills could be so sophisticated!

Another good one this week is the Courage, Wisdom, Power shirt from Supercombo. It displays a majority of Link’s weapons from the Zelda games in a Triforce pattern.

Here we have 2P Start’s Dancing with the Stars shirt with Jigglypuff and a Star dancing. Literal joke!

Rounding out the gaming themed shirts this week are a couple of designs based on the game St. Nifflas. It’s artistic!

Not much in new designs overall, but there are a couple of good ones out of the bunch here. Any that you like in particular?

Nifflas Selling Knytt, Knytt Stories Shirts [GameSetWatch]

Hamza Aziz