Geek chic: Real life Pokemons

Teextile has fast become my favorite shirt supplier store on the Internets. Each week, five new designs go up and you only have that same week to get the shirt you want. Teextile has a videogame related shirt on sale this week based on the three starter Pokemon from the original Pokemon games. If you want to pick this shirt up, be sure to wait until Thursday when the shirt goes on sale for $12 instead of $15.

This week’s Geek Chic also includes some Secret of Monkey Island shirts, a couple of retro inspired shirts, some expensive Dragon Quest hats and more. Check it all out after the break. 

LucasArts has some awesome The Secret of Monkey Island shirts on pre-order right now. The Evolution of Guybrush and Guybrush and LeChuck shirts both looking super rad. Also, buttons!  [via Offworld]

Threadless has this Space Invaders shirt back on sale. Aliens love sticking to their plans. Threadless also has this very funny road rage shirt on sale. That damn Red Shell. [Thanks, bushofghosts]

Ms. Pac-Man is a cock-teasing bitch. Also, that Ghost is wearing panties on its head. Grab the shirt over on DeezTeez

Want some really expensive Dragon Quest hats?! Seriously, these hats would rock if they weren’t so pricey. If you got the cash to blow though, get them over here. [Via GoNintendo]

Hey, look at these Ecko designed Halo shirts. They’re ugly as fuck!

Last shirt for this week is the Zap Exloded shirt from the same makers of the other Exploded shirts. This is only $17 and you’ll get free shipping if you let them know you’re a Dtoider. 

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