Geek Chic: A Halo jacket that actually looks good

Oh, Donkey Kong. You’ve taken things too far now. Link, Star Fox, Samus, Kirby, Mario and even Bowser are all out to get you and put a stop to your evil ways. The Might Kong Baby Tee is over at SplitReason for $18.95.

There are a few T-shirts, a awesome Halo themed jacket and some sick custom Okami designed shoes for you to check out in this edition of Geek Chic. Break out the wallets and get ready to spend some green after the break. 

This Girl Gamer baby tee is also up on SplitReason and was designed by our friend Glen Brogan. It depicts a nerdy girl trapped in a retro world. You can grab one for $19.95

If you’re wondering what to get me for a random present, then look no further than the jacket above. It’s part of the Ecko Unlimited Halo line and unlike all of the other Ecko Halo clothing, this jacket is actually really hot. Designed to look like the Spartan armor, it’s going on sale next month for $88. (via Geekologie)

Kyozokicks is at it again with these cute custom made Okami shoes. They’re pretty pricey, but very finely crafted.

Otaku is gearing up to open a gamewear shop and they’ve shown off some of the designs that will be on sale soon. (via GameSetWatch)

Last item up on the Geek Chic list is this World of Warcraft Brewfest shirt. If you like beer and World of Warcraft, then you might like this shirt

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