Gears of War’s secret underbelly — sweet glitches

Gears of War is just one of those games that is so top notch, little nuisances don’t really matter in the overall experience. Sure, we’ve seen a few bugs in the game’s story mode, but it’s not like they cause you to start all the way over.
I’ve witnessed my fair share of weird things in online multiplayer matches of Gears. Things that just don’t add up. So, I decided to search the good old tubes for an answer. While browsing random videos on YouTube, I found a fair selection of GoW glitches. Some are really cool, while others … not so much.

YouTuber Playinghalotoday is the genius/idiot that produced all of the glitches you are about to see. He uses bizarre techniques to get outside of the game’s maps. How? By walking on the heads of other players of course.

You can delve deeper into glitch heaven after the break.

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Jordan Devore
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