Gears of War planned to experience decade-long run

This past weekend at NY Comic-Con, Gears of War writer, Joshua Ortega, told IGN in an interview that Epic plans to ride out the sweet wave of its success with the franchise for a long time. How long? According to Ortega, “It’s a ten-year plan.”

Gears of War is a great franchise, no argument there, but stop and think about the implications of that statement. Ten years of “emotional subplots.” Ten years of “The Cole Train.” And ten years of Cliff Bleszinski waving around a toy Lancer like an idiot as in the above image.

Even more staggering is the statement Ortega almost immediately follows this up with: “The Lancer is the new Lightsaber.” I don’t even know where to begin with how presumptuous and arrogant that is, and I take a very dim view of Star Wars.

If they continue to follow the release schedule precedented by the first two games, expect Gears of War 6 to be releasing sometime in 2016. I hear that there’s a very touching reunion between Dom and “the-girl-he-dated-once-or-twice-in-high-school-but-wasn’t-really-all-that-into” planned.

[Via GamesIndustry]

Conrad Zimmerman