Gears of War patch adds knockout feature

While playing Gears of War with a friend tonight, we discovered a new feature that’s been added since the patch: knockouts. Previously, if you were downed in versus, you could be revived as many times as needed. However, since the patch, they’ve added a new system where if you’re downed three times it’s game over — basically giving Gears an extra lives system. You now get three lives before you go to that big Cog factory in the sky. This goes for multiplayer modes Execution, War Zone and Assassination.

As a victim of the yo-yo effect (down someone, let them get up, down someone, let them get up, etc.), I’d rather be killed this way than be at the mercy of being someone’s yo-yo. Plus, it forces you to be more careful because after a 2nd knockdown you’re out of the game. Personally, I’d like to have the option to turn it off or at least set the limit in modes like Execution, where the only way to kill your opponent is supposed to be execution.

First they take away host names from the ranked matches and now they put in an invisible lives system. I love you Gears of War, but please give me some flexibility in our relationship!  

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