Gears of War, now in book flavor

Very much like a Locust Corpser, gossip burrows under the surface of the internet with talk of both a novel and a comic based on Epic’s highly applauded chainsawgasm, Gears of War. So far, any official details on the novel are scarce, with a selection of online retailers listing an imaginitively titled Gears of War 1 paperback. Although this Del Ray published, Steven Kent penned, 132 page project has been spotted in various places recently, details are also surfacing regarding a comic book.

According to Boom Studios‘ previews order form for the month of August, a Gears of War comic is indeed on the way. Further details also say that the comic is due to be penned by writer Andrew Crosby, creator of the Sci-Fi Network’s Eureka! For your viewing pleasure, please find attached two images previewing the upcoming comic book, as found on Team Xbox’s forums. My one hope is that they capture the magic of online play, with Fenix constantly screaming about the cheap use of boomshots.

[Thanks to BlueWolf72]

James Stephanie Sterling