Gears of War movie project rumored to be troubled

The L.A. Times is reporting that New Line Cinema has pulled back on the story and slashed the budget of the Gears of War film. Their source tells them that the tale has been simplified into “a more simple, straight-ahead invasion,” for which producers are currently seeking a writer. And Len Wiseman, the director attached to Gears, is off working on another project now.

Gears of War is one of the few gaming properties that I feel is perfectly suited in every way to make the transition into film. Stories in its universe are easy to grasp and can be conveyed with relatively little need for dialog, freeing things up for more of the high-octane action sequences audiences so love. I imagine it could be very successful.

If this never got completed, it would feel like a waste of a good IP. But hearing that the budget has been cut significantly could be a bad sign. A film based on Gears is going to need that special effects cash to bring things home.

Is ‘Gears of War’ grinding to a halt? [L.A. Times]

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