Gears of War is the most played game on Xbox Live

According to Major Nelson, “Gears of War is now the top game on Xbox Live.” In order to accomplish this, GoW had to top Halo 2 in terms of how many users were playing the game on Live. So, what does this mean to you? It means that if you want a fun multiplayer game that actually has people online to play against, Gears is the way to go.

I can only hope this chunk of news further motivates Epic Games to release more maps and a much needed patch very soon. There is a surprisingly high amount of cheaters in the game’s ranked matches that need to be addressed. Not to mention a certain glitch that allows players to spawn at the opposing team’s spawn point.

The only real workaround to these flaws is to play non-ranked matches. While you won’t be able to unlock any achievements this way, you will have an overall better time.

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