Gears of War also redid its Mad World trailer for the re-release

We all knew this would happen

Microsoft is putting the finishing touches on Gears of War Ultimate Edition, an upgraded remake of the 2006 title. It’s extending those duties a bit beyond the game, though. It’s also recreating some of the original marketing materials.

This morning, Microsoft released the Gears of War Ultimate Edition‘s “Mad World” video, which is a re-imagining of the iconic trailer. Similarities are obvious at first, but it quickly loses the poignancy of the original. Solemn moments of loneliness and fear are replaced by all-out action. There’s not even a giant spider monster, which seems like it should be a staple.

Below is the original “Mad World” Gears trailer for reference. Gears of War Ultimate Edition launches on August 25 — that’s when you can quit watching and start playing.

Brett Makedonski
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