Gears of War ad remixed again

Though you can’t top the perfection that is the Gears of War ad with Mad, Mad World playing over top, fans of the ad have decided to continue creating their own versions of the ad with their favorite songs over top. For those of you living in a bomb shelter for the last few months, the original Gears ad is posted above for your viewing pleasure.

After reading my previous post about the remixed Gears of War ads, two of our readers, Hotzizzy and Wigpac sent in their own remixed versions and I can’t deny our readers a little front page time.

Check out their videos after the jump.

“Taking over me” By Evanescence. Created by Hotzizzy

“Soldier Side” By System of a Down. Created by Hotzizzy.

“Scared” By Three Days Grace. Created by Hotzizzy.

“Come Sail Away” By Cartman from South Park. Created by Hotzizzy. This was just creepy on so many levels, dude

“Openning Theme” From Cannon Fodder game. Created by Wigpac

Thanks for the great remixes!

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