Gears of War ad gets a user created makeover

Sparked most likely by the same coolness factor that makes me love the original commercial, YouTubers have added their own twist on the Mad, Mad World Gears of War ad by adding a new soundtrack. Check out my top 5 favorites at the jump.

“Underwater march” from Pirates of the Caribbean. This music fits so well I almost imagine this is what the commercial would have been like if the creators chose a typical instrumental soundtrack instead. 

Kill bill theme. Created by the guys at

“More human than human” By White Zombie. The non-orgasim version would have been better.

“Zombie” By Cranberries. God I love this song and it fits so well too.

“The day the world went away” By Nine Inch Nails. Again the lyrics and the song beat just match so well.

Got a better song to match up to the ad, then create your own Gears remixed ad and send them to us at Dtoid .

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