Gears of War 4’s protagonist is named after Marcus Fenix’s BFF

Another Comic-Con reveal

Earlier this year, we were introduced to the lead role in Gears of War 4. This strapping young lad’s name is JD Fenix, and he’s the son of the star of the original Gears trilogy Marcus Fenix. Steven did an in-depth analysis of what we knew about JD at the time. The main takeaway was that Marcus apparently got himself some sex at some point. Good for you, Marcus.

With San Diego Comic-Con going on this weekend, we’ve learned another interesting fact about JD: His real name. According to reports out of an SDCC panel, Gears head Rod Fergusson was pressured into revealing that “JD” stands for James Dominic.

“Dommmm! Noooooo!”

That’s right, Marcus honored his combat partner and best friend forever by naming his kid after him. We have to wait until October to see if JD has the same knack for heroics and the dramatic as his namesake did.

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