Gears of War 2’s ‘Dark Corners’ and ‘All Fronts’ DLC out now

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In case you forgot, a bunch of downloadable content for Gears of War 2 is dropping today. There’s the “Dark Corners” pack and the “All Fronts Collection.” The DLC costs $15 and $20 respectively, so if you know what they entail, hit those links to start downloading.

For everyone else, here’s a quick refresher. “Dark Corners” contains both a single-player chapter called “Road to Ruin” in which Marcus and Dom dress up as Theron Guards and act all sneaky like. Beyond that, there’s seven different multiplayer maps, one of which comes from the original Gears of War (Allfathers Garden).

As for the “All Fronts Collection,” the price may seem a little high, but it’s actually quite the bargain. For $20, you get all nineteen Gears 2 multiplayer maps that have been released as DLC so far (including the “Dark Corners” maps) as well as “Road to Ruin.”

This is perfect for anyone who hasn’t jumped on the premium add-ons yet, although if you’re like me there’s just no way that many maps are going to fit on your aging 20 GB Xbox 360 hard drive.

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