Gears of War 2 patch out, multiplayer issues addressed

If you’re planning a little Gears of War 2 this Thanksgiving, then you might be pleased to learn that Epic Games has supposedly fixed the rather irritating waiting times experienced when attempting to make a multiplayer match. A patch has been released today which should, hopefully, make for a much quicker process.

“The matchmaking issues we’ve seen up till now are a thing of the past,” confidently claims Epic’s Rod Fergusson.

Epic says that the new patch also fixes stat tracking for, as well as addressing an issue some people had which saw them unable to access the single player campaign when Xbox Live was not up and running.

I would try out the patch myself for an official verdict, but unfortunately my copy of Gears 2 was left back in England after I moved. I’m having it shipped over, but in the meantime, feel free to share your own thoughts on the update.

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