Gears of War 2 has the best cover system ever

Clearly not one for hyperbole, Gears of War frontman Cliff Bleszinski claims that Gears of War 2 will have “the best cover system ever seen in the videogame industry.”

Cliffy B admits that the system seen in the original Gears of War was not perfect, suggesting that “about 90 percent of the time, it worked exactly how gamers wanted it to work. About 10 percent of the time, players were going into cover when they didn’t want to.” Cliffy states that tweaks put into the cover system for the PC version of GoW have been further developed into something that gamers “are really going to love this time around.”

Microsoft’s Kudo Tsunoda has talked about the story aspect of GoW, admitting that he felt the original game’s plot “wasn’t necessarily as robust as it could have been.”

“I think that’s stuff that we’re really going to blow out in Gears of War 2,” Tsunoda expounds. “We’ve got Josh Ortega, who’s like a great comic book writer, totally focused on the story and we’ll want to do a much better job of that.”

He also promises that there will be more depth to the characters, and a more varied cast than the set of ‘roid freaks that made up the original. I somewhat liked the plot of the first one in a “big dumb action flick” kind of way. It’ll be interesting to see how Ortega influences the game’s writing this time around.

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