Gears of War 2 Flashback map pack available for paid download

It seems as though Epic was kidding when they said the Flashback multiplayer map pack would only be available for those who bought Gears of War 2 new. The set has just become available on Xbox Live for 400 Microsoft Points. That’s 80 points a map.

It’s a low price for five maps. It is especially a good deal for those who may have bought the title used from a place like GameStop. Not only did they get the game on the cheap, they also get access to cheap DLC. Our unscientific figures indicate that buying a used copy and this map pack saves a person a total of five dollars

The description on the download makes it plain that future owners of new copies will still get the content for free. We haven’t received word if the golden Hammerburst or Lancer are to follow this as paid content, but chances are Epic isn’t going to run away from cash getting thrown at them. Even if they did kind of promise this stuff was exclusive.

[via X3F]

Brad BradNicholson