Gears designer Bleszinski to debut new game on Late Night

Gears of War 3 is inevitable. So instead of worrying about “if,” we’ve been pondering “when.” We can’t predict the future — and if we could we’d be writing this blog from our outer space rocket — but it’s possible its announcement is coming soon. Epic Games’ Cliff Bleszinski is set to appear on Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night show on April 8th and he’ll do more than smile and laugh: according to a Fallon tweet, the designer will debut “his new game.”

Again with the prediction thing — Bleszinski might be debuting the People Can Fly creation instead of the next Gears. The game could also be something totally new and secret. We’ll follow Fallon’s advice and just set our TiVos. Last time we tried to predict the future, the woman slapped us and called us a “creep.”

Fallon is not the end of the story. Earlier this month, Edge reported that first teaser trailer for the new Gears game will debut on April 8th — the same night Fallon has picked to have Bleszinksi on his show. Adding fuel to the fire, the cover of the first issue of the new EGM boasts having Gears of War 3 coverage inside its digital and print pages. You have to squint to see it, as Shack points out, but it’s totally there if you take a gander at the “subscribe” page.

Is a Gears of War 3 reveal a lock? As we said, predicting the future is not a thing we’re good at. But damn. It’s totally a lock.

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