Gearbox XBLA project not an official Gearbox thing

According to Gearbox Studio’s Zach Ford, the studio isn’t working on an Xbox LIVE Arcade downloadable as we cautiously reported previously.

And he would know — he’s the guy who got us thinking about it. Earlier yesterday morning, a few tweets from the level designer implied that the Borderlands developer was doing work on a downloadable title. Stating he just saw the studio’s “XBLA character rigged,” and dabbling in what-could-have-been minor focus work before the big tweet, we speculated that the developer was indeed doing something XBLA.

Not true. Speaking with Joystiq, Ford crushed the rumor as hard as a high-level Beserker smashes Skag pups. “This is just a side project where we’re trying to expand our skill sets,” he said, adding that his project isn’t affiliated with Gearbox.

As we noted in the previous, Gearbox does have three mystery projects, but this isn’t one of them.

Brad BradNicholson