Gearbox will tell us about the future of Borderlands next week

A PAX panel in the stay-at-home age

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This is the first Labor Day Weekend I have to chill out in a decade, because I’m always in Seattle under the guise of highly important games blogging. PAX West is my favorite show every year because it’s the only one that strikes a perfect balance between “laid back enough to not be stressful” and “essential enough to warrant going.” And it’s all in a city I adore when the weather’s always gorgeous.

But, as we all know full-well, PAX West isn’t happening this year — at least not in its traditional form. It’s an online event like all the other events, as it’ll try to create a facsimile of the PAX-going experience. One aspect is getting some panels on-stream.

Gearbox is doing its usual news-announcing panel for PAX, where it’ll touch on the future of its publishing arm, and, more importantly, Borderlands:

Our expectation is that Gearbox will roll right into a second year of content now that its year-one season pass obligations are all wrapped up. Borderlands 3 feels like too much of a platform at this point to cut it off this quickly in favor of starting a new game. Still, it already got four pretty meaty expansions, which certainly qualifies as substantial post-launch support.

We’ll find out for sure on Saturday, September 10 at 12:45pm Pacific. Watch the panel and then walk some hills. That’s as close as you’re gonna get to PAX.

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