Gearbox wants you to play Aliens: Colonial Marines and Borderlands

If you live in or around the Texas area and have an interest in shooting stuff, then be aware that Gearbox Software is after focus testers for upcoming titles Borderlands and Aliens: Colonial Marines.

The developer needs gamers to head on over to their office in Plano to try out the ambitious co-op sci-fi shooter and the highly anticipated (at least by me) Xenomorph-themed FPS. If you’re over 18 and able to head to Plano during the hours of 10am and 6pm, you could help make sure that these two games don’t suck.

Anybody interested ought to check out this page right here. Since I’ll be near Texas at the end of the next week, I am quite tempted myself, but that would mean I couldn’t review Aliens when it hits.

I am totally reviewing Aliens.

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