Gearbox unveils two of the new Borderlands 3 skill trees and they sound rad

Amara can freeze stuff and FL4K gets more survivability

To the surprise of no one, Gearbox revealed that more Borderlands 3DLC was on the way beyond the scope of the initial season pass. So much so, in fact, that they felt the need to bundle it into a second season pass.

One of the things in that follow-up pass is the “Designer’s Cut” add-on, which is basically a new DLC that grants players access to several features: one of which is new skill trees. Today, Gearbox gave us a quick look at the gist of Amara and FL4K’s additional trees, which are looking pretty sweet. Sweet enough to justify gating them behind a DLC? Probably not, but hang with me for a second.

Amara will be rocking the Enlightened Force tree, which is very heavily focused on Cryo/freezing abilities. Gearbox says this “rounds out her toolkit of natural elements,” allowing her to focus on slows: which could be a boon to her teammates in a group in high-level content.

Her new core ability is Phaseflare, which is a giant orb that kills a lot of enemies: it’s very Borderlands-friendly. You can find her new build here.

FL4K is getting the Trapper skill tree, which sounds right up my alley as a summoner main. FL4K will boast “huge survivability increases” for both themselves and their pet, with a focus on shield buffs and extra critical damage. It’s sounding like a build I’m already investing in as we speak.

Their core ability is Gravity Snare, which catches enemies in a gravity well of sorts them slams them down to the ground. Nifty! Naturally, since FL4K rules and is the de fact best character, this new tree comes with another pet: an Ion LoaderTry it out on this page here.

On Thursday, October 22 at 9AM PT, we’ll get to see Moze and Zane and close this circle of new skill trees. On October 29 at the same time, Gearbox will debut the Arms Race mode, another key component of the DLC. The second part of the pass, Director’s Cut, is out in the “spring of 2021.”

Two new Borderlands 3 Skill Trees [Gearbox]

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