Gearbox Software confirms Borderlands shortages

So, you remember this morning when we talked about Borderlands selling out at various stores and cynically decided it was marketing hype? Apparently the hype is justified, as Gearbox Software has issued a statement following reports of Borderlands‘ relative scarcity. Apparently there is an inventory shortage going on. Perhaps someone underestimated the demand for this game?

“Yes, Borderlands copies of the Xbox 360 SKU have run out in a few regions, especially the east coast,” confirms VP of marketing Steve Gibson. “We are aware of this and are working with production and distribution at ramping up to catch up with demand. There will be more copies of Borderlands available on shelves as early as Thursday or Friday at many  retailers.

“The PlayStation 3 SKU issues on the west coast are mostly regional and can be addressed by reallocation. We are confident that will happen quickly.”

This means one of three things. Either 2K Games shipped a paltry amount of copies to some areas, the game is selling like absolute crazy, or it’s a little of both, with the game shipping a moderate amount and selling moderately well. Either way, it’s better for a company to say they don’t have enough games on the shelves than too many, so it’s looking like Borderlands has, indeed, not been sent out to die.

James Stephanie Sterling