Gearbox says Battleborn sales are tracking ‘just ahead of Borderlands’

From a launch perspective

I didn’t dig some of the things Battleborn ended up doing (particularly the main MOBA angle), but over time, I can see myself enjoying it more — especially if Gearbox actually keeps up with its planned regular updates.

But some people seem to be digging it, as the developer notes that the game is “tracking just ahead” of the original Borderlands, when you consider its launch sales period. They go on to note that Borderland sold eight million over its lifetime, and they basically expect the same here.

We’ll see. Borderlands definitely had that watercooler word-of-mouth effect, like you “had” to at least try it out and play with friends. Battleborn doesn’t have quite the same appeal.

Gearbox is ‘cautiously optimistic’ about Battleborn’s sales potential [MCV]

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