Gearbox pretends Borderlands box art is like, really meta

Do you get it? Are you getting the thing that Gearbox has done? I really hope so, because that’s the meta brilliance of the sexy Borderlands cover. The artwork, which I personally love, depicts one of the game’s enemies holding his fingers to his head, pretending to blow his brains out. Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford says that this is because Borderlands “will blow your mind.”

Now you see what they did there!

“The motive is about the goals of a box cover — you want to evoke something, get attention and have something honest to say about the promise of the game,” Pitchford adds. He also explains that there were reservation among Gearbox and 2K Games staff but, “Judging from the response so far, it looks like it was the right call.”

The cover got a mixed reaction from the Destructoid community when we showed if off, with many praising its stylish aesthetic, while others found it too barren and empty. I happen to love the minimalist style that Gearbox chose to use. It’s direct and classy, and very memorable without being too busy. What about the rest of you?

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