Gearbox pokes fun at itself over AI-altering Aliens: Colonial Marines typo

Okay, this is pretty good

Last week, a wild but little-known story about Aliens: Colonial Marines resurfaced and gained more traction. In short: a modder discovered a typo in the game’s .ini file that had big repercussions for the way Xenomorphs act. The typo — “Teather” instead of “Tether” — was messing with the AI.

Some people laughed, some sympathized, and others just looked on in horror. I wasn’t sure we’d hear anything from Gearbox Software about the years-old incident, but the studio has playfully responded.

If you “enjoy finding typos” then you too can apply to be a Programming Copy Editor at Gearbox.

Gearbox Software [Twitter]

Jordan Devore
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