GDC: Sony details NGP memory card format

Sony’s PSP successor, the NGP, will use a new memory card for the storage of games. It’s called the NVG card, but that title is subject to change. I’m sure Sony’s executives are working on a much cooler next-gen name like the “ExReaper Pro Dragon” or something.

The cards come in two sizes, 2GB and 4GB, so that both small and large games are supported. It’s believed the 2GB will be for casual portable games, while the bigger card will be reserved for your Uncharteds and Killzones. It’s not yet known if games will double their price if they double their memory. 

Each card will reserve 5-10% of its data for game saves and downloadable content, so you won’t need to fill up your NGP’s internal memory. 

Good stuff, methinks! Now … how much will these things set back our wallets?

GDC: Sony Details NGP Card Format [IGN]

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