GDC lectures look spurtworthy for the Zelda set

Fanboys, breathe deeply and control yourselves. Two new lectures have been announced for GDC: Reflections of Zelda, presented by Ninty’s Manager of Software Development  Eiji Aonum, and Painting an Interactive Musical Landscape by Koji Kondo, the Manager of the Nintendo Sound Group. The former is a retrospective of the series evolution over multiple consoles and how the development teams have had to adjust the Zelda universe to keep up and still retain its classic feel.

The latter will focus on Kondo’s method of composing interactive music for Nintendo titles and how he uses the elements of work from the past to mesh into the present. If all you wanna do is play the games, this would be a yawn fest for you, but if actually want to participate in the creation of the titles that make you such a happy camper, this event will be a treasure trove of fantastic information.

As always Destructoid will be there to cover the event first hand (we promise to try to keep Rob Summa from dying of boredom and/or killing himself or Nintendo bigwigs during this particular keynote series). Look for detailed coverage of the Game Developers Conference come March 5th – 9th.

Colette Bennett