GDC 30, we in hair

Live from the 30th annual Game Developers Conference

‘Ello ‘ello ‘ello. I’m an here in sunny San Francisco (as I am most of the time, on account of living here) with Brett Makedonski and Zack Furniss in tow for the 30th annual Game Developers Conference. I can’t believe we’ve been covering this show for 30 years, because it’s not true; Destructoid has “only” been around for ten gosh darn years as of this month.

We’ll have a lot for you coming out the show this week as GDC joins the wrong side of 30. It is stuffed to the brim with VR as if you’re not sick enough of it (or recoiled in fear at all the $500-$800 price tags). There are various talks and panels on a variety of things (like Mrs. Pacman or “Practical DirectX 12 – Programming Model and Hardware Capabilities”). The Game Developer’s Choice Awards and Independent Game Festival are on Wednesday night if you’re into prestige. Maybe we’ll stumble home tipsy and find more Gabe Newell-related vandalism again.

And of course there will be a load of run of the mill video games, both hotly anticipated and undiscovered, that we plan on writing about throughout the course of the week for all of you, our online pals.

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