GDC 11: Halfbrick bringing Fruit Ninja to Facebook

At a meeting with Destructoid at GDC this week, Australian developer Halfbrick revealed plans to bring its popular mobile title, Fruit Ninja, to Facebook this year.

Called Fruit Ninja Frenzy, the game will utilize the same addictive swipe gameplay mechanics with some twists, including power-ups. Expect full leaderboard support, which means countless hours spent competing against Facebook friends, including that one kid who sat next to you in 7th grade history that haven’t seen in over 15 years.

While Halfbrick wasn’t quite ready to show us the game in action, it assures us that the game’s swipe-to-slice mechanic remains intact with a mouse. In fact, Fruit Ninja was originally designed with a mouse in mind — players will click and swipe to demolish watermelons, strawberries, and other doomed fruits when the game rolls out later this year.

With over four million downloads across various platforms, Halfbrick’s Fruit Ninja is far and away one of the most popular mobile games to date. The damage worldwide productivity will take when Fruit Ninja Frenzy hits Facebook simply shouldn’t be underestimated.

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