GDC 11: ‘Good chance’ PC will get the revamped Spelunky

Spelunky‘s high-def debut on Xbox Live Arcade is highly anticipated. But what about those who supported the original version’s humble beginnings? The gentlemanly scholars at PC Gamer caught up with designer Derek Yu to get some answers on the matter.

“There’s a very good chance we’ll see the HD edition of Spelunky on PC at some point,” said Yu. They then went on to quote him as responding with the emoticon “;)” — or perhaps he made that face in real life? These are the questions that keep me up at night.

My guess is that Microsoft wants Spelunky to remain exclusive to the XBLA platform for a few months before it can hit up other digital distribution outlets.

“There’s a very good chance” of Spelunky HD on PC, says creator Derek Yu [PC Gamer]

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