GDC 09: XNA Game Studio 3.1 adds Avatar and Party support

Microsoft announced XNA Game Studio 3.1 at GDC, giving Community Games and Xbox Live Arcade creators a few new goodies to play around with. The package, due for release this spring, will allow creators to program Avatar support into their games and use the Xbox Live Party system.

Since I’m not big on tech jargon, I won’t try to explain how the new additions will be employed. Instead, I’ll give you a bunch of keywords that I picked up from a Gamasutra article that explain the magic: Maya, FBX, bacon, and GS3.1.

I’m down with Avatars and the Party system, but I didn’t see a mention of a “ EZ zombie creator.” C’mon, Microsoft, get with it. Everyone on the planet — that includes my mother — knows that a game without a zombie is garbage. There, I said it.

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