GDC 09: PS3 firmware 2.7 coming ‘in April’ [Update]

Update 2: Because this whole thing is a bit convoluted — it is in my mind, at least — I thought I would just revamp the post to clarify. Here are the facts:

Yesterday, GameSpot killed a video that announced the first bit of downloadable content for Resistance 2. Although the content will take two forms, patch details quickly became our focus. Why? Because Insomniac inadvertently announced a feature that the current PlayStation 3 firmware does not allow: the ability for two users to sign in to their PSN IDs at the same time.

The patch was dated for tomorrow (March 26), but that will (probably) change. According Insomniac Games’ James Stevenson, the patch will not work without the firmware to back it up. And according to Eurogamer, who spoke to two anonymous developers, we won’t be seeing the dual-PSN ID adding firmware until April.

So, either Sony could surprise us today or tomorrow with an announcement of firmware 2.70 or R2’s additional content has been put on hold. The ball is in Sony’s court.

The original post has been placed after the break. If you want to read a bit about Nick’s frustration with not having the dual-login ability (written in November) click here.

[Update 3: Okay. I give it up. Whatever. Go download the Resistance 2 stuff.]

 As we teased yesterday, there’s a reason GameSpot’s Resistance 2 downloadable content coverage was killed: Sony haven’t announced details of a firmware update that will allow a second player to sign in with a separate PSN ID for multiplayer, a feature of R2’s patch supposedly coming tomorrow (March 26). Particulars on the mysterious PlayStation 3 firmware, version 2.7, are assumedly on the horizon. Eurogamer spoke to two developers anonymously and were told the firmware would hit “in April.”

It’s unclear if Insomniac’s accidentally announced downloadable content hinges on the firmware for release, but for right now, we’ll pretend that it doesn’t (until we hear otherwise). Mainly because, it’s so damn cool. In addition to simultaneous PSN logins, a patch will bring a new multiplayer mode and cooperative difficulty. On the paid side, a new map pack called ‘Aftermath’ will be available for $5.99 as well as character skins, each available for $0.99.

We’ll keep you updated as details come in.

[Update: We heard otherwise: “Resistance 2 is the first game to fully log-in two PSN accounts. LBP only logs you in locally, and does not register both accounts as online through PSN. This is a big difference, and what is required for split-screen online co-op with other folks,” wrote Insomniac Games’ James Stevenson in a reply to a Joystiq’s original article about the DLC. “And it was dependent on a Sony update, hence why it wasn’t in when the game shipped.”

So that means we won’t see the update until the firmware hits, right? Right!?


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