GDC 09: Nintendo announces storage solutions, 4.0 update

Of course, anyone who owns a Wii and likes to download games from the Wii Shop knows the pain of having to deal with storage — the current arrangement is simply not that convenient. Nintendo is well aware of user complaints, and addressed the issue at today’s keynote at GDC.

Iwata announced that the 4.0 update is available as of right now, so run to your Wii and get it — so that’s why the store was down a little while ago! This new update will feature twenty screens with twelve channels each,and also will support SDHC. Bring on your 32GB cards!

Wiishop channel can also now download directly onto an HD card if you choose, and you can launch the same content directly off the same card. Virtual Console will also offer some new ways to move content and messages, according to Iwata.

I would have preferred something slightly more groundbreaking, but since Nintendo has been pretty firm about it so far I wasn’t expecting anything more than this. Is any of this going to help you manage your Wii content any better than you do now?

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