GDC 09: It seems we have earned a trophy at Sony’s lounge

Sony has put together a pretty nice blogger’s lounge here at the 2009 Game Developer’s Conference. In keeping with tradition, they’ve made another silly shirt for us game writers to wear around town this week. Now, instead of promoting in-game XMB functionality (which came way after the t-shirt), they are promoting Trophies.

Inside the lounge are some yummy snacks and gaming goodness. We got to spend some quality time with Fat Princess, finally getting the full rundown on how the game works. The game is running on multiple screens in here for some multiplayer action. Rag Doll Kung Fu is also in here. Love that game. New PixelJunk Eden? Yep. And now I’m about to see some inFamous. More on all of this soon. 

In our gallery you’ll find some pictures of the PlayStation Blog Lounge. There are a few cameos. See if you can spot them.

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