GDC 09: BioWare ‘amping’ up Mass Effect 2’s action

Mass Effect wasn’t a competent shooter. Mass Effect 2 could be. In fact, you may even view it as a “shooter RPG.”

The good doctor Ray Muzyka recently spoke at GDC and touched on two big improvements BioWare are cooking up for the sci-fi RPG’s sequel: action and character interactions.

“There’s a few bigger buckets of things we’re working on,” Muzyka said. “One of them is the intensity of the action, amping that up so people will see this as a shooter RPG … It’s going to feel like shooter fans are going to have a great experience…”

“Another category we’re working on are the moment to moment interactions, kind of grabbing control of them more, and we’ll show that later [in the year] as well.”

I checked my shooter expectations at the door with the original Mass Effect. Why? Because it’s an RPG. While I welcome improvement with Mass Effect 2, I don’t want story or design sacrificed for the sake of action elements. But, hey, maybe I’m just crazy. What do you guys think?

[via IGN and Kotaku]

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