GDC 08: Hands-on with LOL [Update]

Now before I go into my write up, let me reassure you that LOL is indeed the title of the game. LOL is an upcoming DS game where the players make everything up. By everything, I really mean everything. There is no content except whatever you create yourself.

Confused? Hit the jump to understand what the hell I’m talking about. 

[Update: The game is being published by Agetec, NOT Gamecock. Sorry for the mix up.] 

First off, LOL was originally released in Japan as Archime late last year. The creators of the game set up an English version of their Web site but many people believed that this game would never come out here in the states. Well, thanks to the powers that be over at Agetec, LOL will be coming out this May on the DS. 

Now then, the creators of the game, SKIP, have said it best when it comes to this game: “If it’s boring, it’s because you’re boring”. LOL is completely up to you when it comes to how it is played. Each member of the group will take a turn as the host and it will be that person’s job to come up with a specific goal for everyone to do.

So for instance, when I played against Edith Yang who was showing off the game, I had us draw out an airplane. We each drew one but I choose Edith to be the winner as my airplane ended up looking way too much like a penis … Yes, there’s something seriously wrong with me.

At the end of each round, each person has three votes to give out to the other players as well as awarding themselves the votes. The host will either reveal all of the answers at once or one at a time. The host of the round will also set up the timer ranging from one minute to no time limit at all for people to submit their answers. Players can kill some time by stabbing characters running around the touch screen while waiting for everyone to submit their answers.  

That’s really all there is to LOL. It sounds extremely simple but I ended up having a lot of fun with it. Plus, can you imagine how ridiculous this would get as a drinking game?

LOL is set to come out this May from Agetec and should retail for $20. One final thing to note is that this game is for at least two players or more. Obviously, there is no way to play this as a single player game but thankfully this is a single cart multiplayer game.   

Hamza Aziz