GC 10: That’s all folks

For us here at Destructoid, day four of gamescom is our last official day on the show floor as I have decided to reward my boys with some rest. Lucky sods. Today Ian Roberts and I attacked gamescom so the daily wrap up is missing its rather large dose of indie loveliness, known as Daniel Carneiro. 

I keep the wrap up sort and sweet, since the burning German sun if affecting my pale British skin. I discuss what we have been up to today, what you still have left to look forward to and of course, I get a little bit emotional when I talk about how gamescom has finally reigniated my deep passion for gaming. 

Now, if you will excuse me, the dates for gamescom 2011 have been announced and I have to talk my team down from the window ledge with the promise of a Curly Wurly

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