GC 10: Runes of Magic goes vogue

Right, here’s a warning: this video contains fashion. Actual fashion. 

Frogster Interactive Pictures, the European publisher of MMORPG Tera, brought us another MMORPG known as Runes of Magic last year. To further promote the game, the PR folks bring us something a little bit different. They contracted some budding designers from Berlin who brought the in-game fashions to life and presented them on the catwalk here at gamescom. This is more than just cosplay — the details on the clothing is fantastic. I am actually in love with some of it, and while it isn’t exactly “casual” clothing, it really is what you would expect to see in high fashion magazines. Personally, it is a rather nice amalgamation of two worlds which I love.

So check out the video as I chat with Frogster PR Manager Axel Schmidt who talks us through a little bit about the game, why they decided to take the in-game fashion and bring them to life, and what they hope to do with it in the future.

Hollie Bennett