GC 10: Fighting like a Spartan in Dragon Age II

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!” Yes, this pretty much sums up all that was going through my head during this interview. Dragon Age: Origins was another one of the games that I have fallen in love with recently and my excitement is palpable. Yes, I am indeed a fan-girl for Alistair. It’s something about the innocent virgin knight in shining armour thing he has going on. 

Our interview takes a look at the aspect of “story within a story” and the time line in which Dragon Age II plays out. We also discuss the improvements, alterations and updates to the gameplay. We also talk about the importing of previous saved data and the effects if can have on the new character and world.

Bring it on, Bioware. My social life has been in need of a good kicking. 

Hollie Bennett