GC 10: Drooling because of Blood Stone 007

The first time I heard about Blood Stone 007 was in a random tweet that mentioned that it was announced. I got all excited since I thought it would be a new movie and, to be honest, was kinda let down when I came to know that it was “just” a game.

With the feeling of not really caring very much, I went into a demo and was just blown away!

Bizzare Creations are best known for making solid and thrilling driving games, and driving around in beautiful Aston Martins was obviously going to be good, but it is the third person action that convinced me that this game has the potential to be the first James Bond game since the times of the N64 to be a true Bond game that lives up to the name.

I might be sounding over excited while talking to Pete Collier, level designer for the new Bond game, but I honestly think that this game is going to be brilliant!

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