GC 10: Dating sites helped shape Hunted’s multiplayer

Before any of you watch this video, let me just say that Maxx Kaufman was brilliant. Our first interview went to pieces, we recorded over our second, I messed up our third and what you are about to watch is our fourth attempt. While both myself and Maxx, Game Director for Hunted, had bad cases of deja vu, he was more than obliging the entire time. To be honest, I think he was rather sick of me by the end of it all, but at least he hid it well! 

Hunted gives the player a mash-up of role-playing elements with brute-force hack-and-slash, allowing the player to choose a path and a character that suits them best. The female character attacks from afar with bows and magic, while the male character rushes for a testosterone-induced close kill. Current release date for Hunted is sometime in 2011. 

Hollie Bennett